Annie's Crannies - Pre-Order Form (for Shop Pickup Only)
Due to COVID-19, this season we are providing the option to submit orders for shop pickup.  Orders are to be submitted
by email on or before the deadlines listed below.

To initiate an order select the link below for either a Microsoft Excel version of the form (will calculate totals) or a PDF
version of the form for printing/fill out/scan and email.
You should receive a confirmation email by 6pm Friday for Saturday pickups and by 6pm Saturday for Sunday pickups.
Pricing Information
Prices are in US dollars, based on product availability and are subject to change.  Payment at the time of pickup is by
cash, check or money order only.  Check/money order made out to: "
Annie’s Crannies".

Particularly for the later weekends in the season, don't fill out check/money order until final check out at time of pickup as
total cost will change if items are out of stock.
For Saturday Pickup

Completed orders must be submitted by 4pm
Thursday to be ready for Saturday pickup.
For Sunday Pickup

Completed orders must be submitted by 4pm
Friday to be ready for Sunday pickup.
For Microsoft Excel Users

Click here to download the Excel version of the form.
Instructions included within the file.
For Manual Users

Click here to download a PDF version of the form.
1. Print the form
2. Write desired Quantity of each item
(Note: If ordering a
Small Variety Pack, be sure to enter selections for both (2)
jams; 3 Berry, Cran-Blue, Marmalade)

3. Write Customer Name, Email and Cell Phone # at bottom
4. Select Saturday or Sunday pickup
5. Scan completed form and email to