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Cranberry Wreath
2 lbs fresh cranberries
12" diameter Styrofoam ring, preferably green
18" ribbon of your choice
24" hanging wire

1.  Carefully push pin through end of cranberry (toothpick half way through)
2.  Push onto Styrofoam ring
3.  Repeat to fill the front, sides, and inside of the Styrofoam ring.  Parts that touch the door/wall should not
contain cranberries
4.  Add bow on your desired location
5.  Add fresh greenery to decorate as desired (optional)

Hang on front door or other prominent outside location.  Ideally suited for cool locations.  Will last 4-8 weeks
depending on Mother Nature.
Cranberry Wreath
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Located in historic Dennis,
Cape Cod MA birthplace of
the cultivated cranberry!
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