Photo Gallery
Dry Pick Harvest
Cranberries harvested by the dry pick method are suitable for all baking, jams, jellies and sauces. Fresh fruit cranberries can only be picked dry
to maintain the keeping quality of a fresh berry.
Annie Picking 6
Annie Bagging Berries
Picking Crew Races to Finish Before the Rains
Dry Pick 2008
Annie Picking
Annie w/Jenny
Brother Dan Picking
Annie Gets a Jenny Kiss
Molly's Friends Cleaning
Sister Mary Jo...resting
Wet Pick Harvest
Cranberries harvested by the wet pick method are only suitable for juicing and canning as there is little keeping quality.
Bother Joe Wet Picking
Chris & Dean on the Wet Pickers
Brother Joe Feeding the Chute
Dean & Chris on Wet Pickers
Picturesque Ain't It?
Brother Joe & Uncle Dan
Dean, Brother Joe & Sister Patricia
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Jenny Brings Bags to Annie
Annie's Crannies Wet Harvest
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Located in historic Dennis,
Cape Cod MA birthplace of
the cultivated cranberry!